Poetry in a miner key

Some students thought it would be a good idea to host a miners’ strike-themed event, at which guests would have been dressed as miners or members of Margaret Thatcher’s government.* In other news, Prince Harry will be getting married. A few years ago, he went to a ‘Colonial and Native’ party dressed as a Nazi. It doesn’t seem to have done his CV much harm.

I was struck by this poetry in the invitation to the miners’ strike event:

‘…a few working class beating bobbys (sic) wouldn’t go amiss
Nor would a few Falkland war heroes.
You get the gist…’

Ah, poetry…But hang on. Of course, this is repellent: how could anyone ever think that such an ‘event’ would be a good idea? The organisers attempted to whet the appetite by stating in the invite that guests should ‘expect a confrontation bigger than Orgeave.’ Wow! Why stop there? Next up: an ‘event’ modelled on the massacre of 642 people in Oradour-sur-Glane in 1944.**

‘…a few villager murdering Nazis wouldn’t go amiss
Nor would a few students with a general disregard for common decency.
You get the gist…’




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