Happy days on a loop


There is a wonderful photo on the homepage for The Fling Festival: taken from immediately behind two DJs (one of whom I recognise as Steve Lamacq), it also captures the happiness of about 200 revellers taking part in what I presume is a silent disco. Almost in the exact centre of the photo is a man with arms aloft in celebration, a pint in one hand. He is wearing sun glasses (indoors!) and a huge smile.

Walking home earlier this week, I stopped to take a photo of an American diner that has been abandoned for months. The surrounding mist only made it more beautiful. I used to love going there. However, even its Pulp Fiction dance floor and Happy Days on a loop (in mute) could not prevent it being closed. Customers became tired of waiting for tomato ketchup and basic politeness, so I had to practise my John Travolta moves elsewhere.

‘Only let it form within his hands once more –
The moment cradled like a brandy glass.
Sitting alone in the empty dining hall…’*

Sitting alone or dancing together? No need to choose a ‘best’. Only let us replay the happy moments…


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