This Is Just To Say That I Hope These Words Move You

I’ve just written yet another letter to the paper about the NHS. I heard on the radio yesterday that a woman died, having waited almost four hours for an ambulance to arrive. She was struggling to breathe. Can you imagine the pain and fear? How did the thousands/millions of other people react when they heard this news?

Cyril Connolly wrote in 1938:

‘…Unless writers do all they can it will be too late; war will break out and the moment be past when the eloquence of the artist can influence the destiny of humanity.’

To think that ‘the eloquence of the artist’ can have such influence! Despite Orwell and, no doubt, many other tireless heroes, war obviously did break out. Maybe this poem would inspire millions of people to save our NHS:

This Is Just To Say

I have taken
the NHS
that was in
public ownership

and which
you were probably
for future generations

Forgive me
it was so profitable
so good
and so rich*

I like to think it would, especially as I wrote it (some credit also due to William Carlos Williams). I think the poem was re-tweeted 83 times. Aw mah gawd – I’m famous! Justin Timberlake’s new song had about 1.8mn YouTube views in about 16 hours. Tony Walsh’s ‘This is The Place’ has, so far, had almost 205,000 views**. The crowd he was reading to loved the mention of Emmeline Pankhurst. I’ve just glanced at the wiki entry for her – lots of activism, not much poetry.



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