‘Are you an unpublished working class prose writer trying to get into print?’

Does this blog count as prose? Ah, I see: the emphasis is on ‘working class’.

‘Submit to Common People for a chance to be published in this ground-breaking anthology celebrating working class writing.’

I have a piano – does this make me middle class? I can’t play it – does this make me working class?

Some of my poetry friends are divided on the value of inviting people to submit specifically working class writing. I think I see both sides of the argument: possibly patronising yet allowing an opportunity for hitherto undiscovered and gifted writers. But, as one has said, ‘I had never thought of appending my class as a label to my writing.’ Does the poem below – yet another sneering piece about Thatcher – make me working class? Does having a job that involves *using my hands* make me working class?


Thatcher refused to fly with a panda,
Not even for the sake of propaganda.

As far as I’m aware,
No one asked the bear
Whether they were keen
On being seen
With a violent animal.

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