The Lady’s not for Turner

‘I can’t tell you what art does and how it does it, but…I know…that the powerful fear art.’*

Do they really? I can’t imagine Theresa May or Donald Trump or the invisible people who tell them what to do worrying in the slightest about the impact of a picture. Would a film or a song make them slightly nervous? I doubt it. Remember when Rage Against The Machine achieved a Christmas #1? Simon Cowell expressed momentary annoyance.

Fear? No. It’s interesting to think that art could somehow inspire millions of people to become involved in sustained activism that would truly make the powerful fearful. In the US, children are marching miles and miles in protest against the NRA/Trump, but a picture or a lyric didn’t make them do this. I like the occasional ranty poem, especially when I’m reading it to 20 people, but it’s just howling in the wind, followed by an expensive pint, followed by facebook comments and memes and distractions… Meanwhile, the powerful count their money.



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