A Bloody Mess & Fancy Dress

It’s almost 10 years since George Monbiot tried to arrest John Bolton at the Hay Festival. I was there, dressed as Blair, shouting ‘War Criminal!’ until I couldn’t speak. Both Bolton and Monbiot have been in the news recently: Bolton, who was then US ambassador to the UN, has been appointed as a National Security Advisor; Monbiot has been diagnosed with prostate cancer. I had presumed that Bolton was enjoying retirement like all the others from the Bush era whose names I became sick of seeing: Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, etc. To think that, having repeatedly justified a war that led to hundreds of thousands of people being killed, Bolton has been given a new job! Where is the decency? Where is the karma?

10 years ago, I was so cross about a war taking place thousands of miles away that I regularly put on a suit, big red kipper tie and latex mask to attempt to draw attention to such blatant wickedness. Rhetorical questions would silently bounce around my head until I was sick of myself.

I’ve just read an email which states that ‘this week Israel announced the imminent destruction of an entire village…International pressure from people like you prevented demolitions. This is why we need to taken action now!’

People like me? But I’m in Worcester, still in my pyjamas, indulging in this blog that perhaps 40 people will read. I’ve just put my name to the template letter to MPs – what now? Bring out the suit and mask again? But I’m signed up for a run today, then it’ll be time for lunch, and then…I’ll think about doing something useful.

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