Lots of folk live on their wits

Joe Orton wrote on 14th January 1949:

‘I wish I belonged to one of the idle rich and didn’t have to work.’

Philip Larkin wrote in a poem:

‘Why should I let the toad work
Squat on my life?’

I don’t want to be idle (though being rich would be nice), but I am frankly fed up of daydreaming about grand projects that cannot happen due to lack of time and funds. How do you get to become a star film director? Can you pay the mortgage as a poet if you’re not called Simon Armitage?

I read yesterday that a ‘Millenial Generational Expert’ is an actual job. ‘With millennials coming of age, companies need to understand how to engage them’. Hmm…Reading this makes me want to eat my own face in frustration. Perhaps I should try to make a living out of writing sarcy comments about fancy jobs that I can never have? Or perhaps I can stop writing this blog and dutifully go to work…

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