Hot Hot Heat

I’m going on holiday soon. I read this today:

‘Numerous locations in the Northern Hemisphere have witnessed their hottest weather ever recorded over the past week.’

Brilliant – it will still be hot for my holiday! But…

‘These various records add to a growing list of heat milestones set over the past 15 months that are part and parcel of a planet that is trending hotter as greenhouse gas concentrations increase because of human activity.’

So, my holiday is part of the problem, and I thought my holiday was meant to be about getting away from problems! Argh! At times like these – when it’s really really hot and I torment myself with thoughts of our self-inflicted doom – I think of Roger McGough’s poem ‘At Lunchtime’:

‘…when word got around
that the world was going to end at lunchtime,
they put their pride in their pockets
with their bustickets
and made love with the other…’

Though I think it’s unlikely that we’d do that instead of freaking out and hiding in the shed. Or maybe that’s just me?

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