Midnight in The Stationery Shop

It’s so quiet,

So still,

So stationary,

You could hear a pen drop.



I am clearly not busty

Yet several times I have said that I am

In emails.

Clearly I meant that I was busy,

Though I have typed the word busty

Frequently enough for it to seem deliberate.

I reassure myself that everyone knows

That if I was truly busty

I would be too busy

To write emails.


Something Original

Yes. I remember Adlestrop –

The church, because one afternoon

We went inside and had a look

And I wrote a comment in the visitors’ book.


Not lovely or peaceful or simply divine!

No. Something original: a genuine sign

Of my appreciation.


I wrote well maintained

And for a minute you scowled at me

As if to say

I should have been more respectful,

More religious,

And it seemed that God agreed

As the sky growled and it rained.