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TV fish

Things seen in Weston-super-Mare over the weekend:

• A man playing keyboard with one finger
• A blind man with a wonderful singing voice
• A TV showing pre-recorded fish
• A grandmother calling her grandson a ‘stupid boy’ for leaving his tub of 2p coins in the penny arcade
• A stick of ‘Eastbourne’ rock
• A man performing a vigorous saltshaker mime, presumably because I had hesitated slightly at a roundabout


TV fish

Top 10s

If, like me, you’re managing not to stare at your mobile phone every spare 5 minutes that you have, maybe you’d like to have a go at this to pass the time: think of a fake top 10. Go on, it’s fun. Think of a top 10, and then if you really want to make the most of your spare time, you can become one of the acts you have imagined and actually write the song. You can thank me later. Here’s my top 10, in reverse order:

10. The Rancid Twins – London Town
9. News – Misery Gets in My Eyes
8. Angel Death – Hilltop Rising
7. Mum’s Gone – Get Off My Sweets
6. The Riffs – The B-side is Better
5. Hrvatska – Berlin
4. Loud Loud Louder – Delighted to Meet You
3. Billy Milly – U No Wot I Meen
2. Teller’s Lampshade – Party’s Alright
1. For Goodness Sake – Steve Brown

Beautiful Basketball Courts

One of my favourite poets is John Obsorne and one of my favourite poems by him is called ‘Hoops’: it’s about a marriage proposal on a basketball court. I love how sparse it is and the line ‘comforted by a giant mouse.’ I’ve started playing basketball and thinking about writing a short film (not at the same time – basketball is too exhausting to do anything else at the same time). Maybe I’ll also write a basketball-inspired poem, but it won’t be a quarter as good as Osborne’s. Anyway, have look at the video for Michael Cera’s song ‘Best I Can’ featuring Sharon Van Etten. The bit where the woman walks blindfolded into a basketball court and then friends, crowded around a balloon arch, shout ‘surprise!’ is gorgeous. Do you know of any other great videos set in a basketball court? Right now, I can only think of Ash’s ‘Burn Baby Burn’. I’ve just had a watch: for some reason it reminds me of sitting in The Eagle in Cambridge, where DNA was discovered. I had my chance to discover something as important as the ‘the secret of life’ but I was more interested in listening to Ash and Feeder. Oh well. And now I’m more interested in the potential of turning a basketball court into a fantastic movie scene. If you want to help me out, get in touch.


What makes you tired? Perhaps poetry does.

I found out on Twitter that a chap called Phil gets very tired when someone points out that the Iraq war led to thousands of deaths. I know this because he typed ‘Yaaaaaawwwwnnnn.’ I wonder whether he reacts to all horrible news like this. Someone sobbing in the staff room because their cat has died: ‘Yawn!’ Does he yawn or just say the word ‘yawn’? ‘Phil is a tragically insensitive individual who is lucky to live thousands of miles away from a country devastated by war… Yaaaaaawwwwnnnn!’

Indeed, what am I talking about? This is meant to be a blog about poetry. Exciting…