Dat Sax!

Thinking of a decent band name is hard. I thought that ‘The Midnights’ would be a good name but ‘The Midnight’ has already been taken. I started to listen to their work and now I’m hooked. Play their track Memories – it’s absolutely blissful, and only made better by being played over a smart edit of The Breakfast Club. I have since discovered that there’s a genre called New Retro Wave and bands with names like TimeCop1983 and FM-84. It’s all airy synths, pink neon and sunglasses in the evening.

I remember being taken to see a Back to the Future car in Basingstoke when I was about 9 years old. My parents overheard me tell a friend when we got home that I was distinctly underwhelmed by the experience. Now ‘Back to the Future car’ is shorthand in our house for ‘stop being so ungrateful for the amazing trip that has been arranged for you, when instead Mummy and Daddy could have spent the day in the pub.’

My newfound obsession with the 80s is bizarre – I never thought that I would ever like the sound of a saxophone. But again, listen to Vampires by The Midnight. Completely thrilling. The Breakfast Club, which I finally watched this week, 33 years after it was released, was also a joy. So now I’ll have to watch all films by John Hughes. I did watch Home Alone in 1990, and was much happier with my parents for taking me to the cinema. So happy that I trashed the house and successfully overcame two incompetent burglars.*


*It wasn’t me, Mum.



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