Great Sporting Moments: The Treble & Bass

What is ‘cool’? Apparently playing music to jazz up golf events is not cool – ‘the music gets in the way and it must be remembered Coldplay is not cool golf.’ I think Coldplay is a sound choice for golf, don’t you?

‘The notion that songs piped through a loudspeaker can enhance a golfing experience is hard to fathom.’*

Maybe music should be used to soundtrack all sporting events? There’s still plenty of fuss about the use of VAR in football: it slows the pace of the game and reduces the excitement. Well, the genie is out of the bottle now – if technology is being used to ensure the correct decisions are made, why not use it for a cooler function: sound effects. Actually play music during the match. A Calvin Harris crescendo while a player dashes up the wing. Or the start of Kashmir as a player composes themselves before taking a penalty. Cymbal crashes for bad tackles. Synth arpeggios for tika-taka. Cannons for goal kicks.

I’ve seen contrived flames at a twenty-20 cricket game. Why stop with sounds? Sport could be enhanced with fake weather, holograms…Why stick with the old rules? And to return to music: all of the time, I see people with headphones in, soundtracking their walk along the pavement or ride on public transport. So, let’s try music and sport simultaneously. You heard it here first…



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