Call Me By Your Name

So I finally watched ‘Call Me By Your Name’, having refused for months to pay £6.99 for the DVD. I saw it in a makeshift cinema, and just as the two lovers crept into bed, an appropriately early 80s-style notice flashed up on the screen: ‘Projector is overheating: Clean your filters.’ That got the biggest laugh during the film. But none of us were there for laughs (though perhaps, like me, some in the audience were bracing themselves for a nervous giggle to relieve the tension caused by ‘the peach scene’). I spoke about the film with a friend, who said, ‘It has a lovely air.’ That’s a lovely, succinct, accurate way of describing it. It’s smothered in gorgeous light and made me wish I could spend a summer in northern Italy reading classics, playing the piano in a massive room and falling deeply in love. And if that wasn’t enough, the songs by Sufjan Stevens are incredible. This is my new favourite lyric:

‘Oh to see without my eyes
The first time that you kissed me.’

Sufjan Stevens – The Mystery of Love

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