Ooh, sometimes the truth is harder than the pain inside

I recently told a group of people that I had adopted a new philosophy called ‘Cheerful Nihilism.’ They laughed. Should I have been surprised? I aborted an attempt to do research for this blog (i.e. the usual wiki search: Camus, Kierkegaard, Nietzsche) – what’s the point?

So, this ‘new philosophy’ has basically meant that I am willing to actually do some art instead of just dream about it. Perhaps I should write an art manifesto and hope that it becomes adopted by a group of bored and revolutionary artists in Zurich? Such is the power of a blog, so I am told.

Here goes the manifesto:

• Practise
• Don’t assume that all lists disguised as manifestos are tedious
• Parodies are OK
• Don’t wait until tomorrow
• Don’t accept a difference of opinion or a wall of silence as a comment on your character or the quality of your ideas: if you want it, you can get it
• Just doing your art and/or writing listy blogs that no one will read is not OK – go beyond the guilty pound in the guitar case outside the train station and consider how your skills and passion can further enchance that great swell known as humanity
• Challenge verbosity (e.g. ‘great swell known as humanity’)
• Go beyond the guitar case – be kind whenever you can
• Time is running out
• No, really, the climate scientists have said this many, many times

Cheerful nihilism: it might catch on. You heard it here first. Except that you didn’t, of course. A German with a massive moustache and sour expression has been whispering the truth to you for over 120 years. Listen to him. And me. Type into Google: ‘Pointless existence, willing to have fun, skills in…’ I presume that such a search would lead to a meaningful result…

Let me know how you get on.

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