In this little red book of poetry littered with a-Mao-zing puns, Neil Laurenson tackles Russian dolls; tiny cardigans and parking restrictions; the British education system and Margaret Thatcher’s position on love truncheons. This book will appeal to everyone who is fond of poetry, politics and puns!


 ‘The best of them end with a well-timed punch…Worth buying for a clever Henry Reed parody.’

 – The Morning Star

‘It got plenty of sniggers and snorts out of me.’

 – Hong Kong Review of Books

‘Almost every poem in the pamphlet satisfies with a punchline…There are plenty of laughs to be had in the face of austerity.’

 – Ink Sweat and Tears

‘A witty, satirical collection that packs punches and belly laughs with equal clout.’

 – Paper & Ink Zine

‘Neil is a talent, much like Louis Theroux, who can scathe with a smile and p*** off with a pun.’

 – Hand Job Zine

 ‘Neil is one of the finest young poets in the West Midlands – his poetry is a potent mix of wit and wordplay, intelligence and pathos.’

 – Fergus McGonigal (‘The Failed Idealist’s Guide to The Tatty Truth’ and ‘Everyone is Now Unhappy’ published by Burning Eye Books)

‘I am a big fan of the pun…It is only a person of high standards, left leanings and straight out talent that can get away with it page after page.’

– Urbane F 


Exclamation Marx! is available from Silhouette Press.